Introducing: Zwaar Contrast Labs

At last, the time has come: We’ve updated our website! The changes might not be immediately clear when viewing the homepage, but if you’re reading these words, it means you have found your way to our new blog: Zwaar Contrast Labs.

On Zwaar Contrast Labs, you will read articles about the way we work and what we work on. Expect to read about the challenges we meet in our daily work and how we’ve overcome them. Furthermore, look forward to seeing some experiments we’ve done with new techniques to improve the user experience or make some kick-ass animation, component or interface.

The labs, as we call it, will serve as our platform to share our skills and knowledge with the world. Our posts will inspire the community and showcase our work. Writing these articles will challenge us to learn new skills and force us to make deliberate decisions in the work we show and share. We hope.

We have no clue if we’re able to keep a regular publishing schedule. Are the articles we write are interesting enough? Will our blog be found by readers between the myriad of existing blogs, maintained by more experienced writers and developers? Will it be worth the effort?

Answers to these questions can only be found by trying.

We might fail, we might fail hard. But failure is success in progress. So we will succeed, in one way or another.

Let’s go!

The first articles we’ve prepared for you:

We hope you enjoy them, and please leave ideas or feedback in the comments section, or send us an email at